Our company Spare3d founded in 2022. A founding  INNOVHUB SYSTEMS PVT.  LTD. is revolutionizing the 3D printing industry by its varied set of 3D printers, incomparable 3D printing services (A3DXYZ) and selling spare parts of 3d printer in ecommerce (Spare3d) in the same field to its peak.

Why we gave Spare3d company name? Because we wanted a customer to remember our brand name or online shopping website. We want super easy to remember and can rethink it. We don’t want to complicate company name.

How we made this two company and registered under PVT. LTD? Thanks to A3DXYZ Company, they did made started 2016 as only 3d Printing services. Since long time, we had funded and successfully managed to here. We are looking future ahead in order expand business.